Aluminum Coating in India 2022

Tar epoxy coatings are a type of industrial chemical used globally in the engineering and transportation industries. They are extremely durable and ideal for outdoor applications. The major component of a tar epoxy coating is aluminum-based, which makes it prone to health hazards. India produces and uses a lot of these coatings, but there is still room for improvement in its processing and disposal procedures.

Many people work in or near oil refineries, which emit harmful aluminum particles into the air. This can lead to serious health issues like lung damage, blindness, and general fatigue. The particles are so tiny that they bypass the human body’s defenses and cause significant damage directly within the organs. In fact, some studies show that up to 92 percent of urban dwellers have upper respiratory problems caused by exhaust from oil refining facilities. The problem is even worse in developing countries where pollution control standards are less strict.

Tar epoxy coatings are many times more durable than other coatings when exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. This is why many roads, buildings, and other infrastructure projects use these coatings. Unfortunately, the aluminum in these coatings poses a big risk to workers. Many workers don’t fully understand the consequences of inhaling tar epoxy coating fumes. This includes both industrial workers processing tar epoxy coatings and homeowners applying these coats to their homes. Either way, prolonged exposure to aluminum particles can lead to serious health issues.

India uses a lot of tar epoxy coatings on its roads to help stop accidents caused by oil spills. They’re applied using heavy trucks and spread using water. This minimizes the friction between the road and the coating while providing enough weight to minimize road cuts through heavy asphalt layers. It’s an effective transportation measure that prevents accidents when used correctly. However, yearly road maintenance often leaves roads in poor condition, which contributes to increased wear and tear on road crews and vehicles alike. Exposure to exhaust from oil refineries leads to increased road accidents and failure among transportation workers.

Much improvement is needed when it comes to processing and disposing industrial chemical waste in India. Many workers remain at risk of health issues due to the aluminum particles emitted by oil refineries. Tar epoxy coatings are effective at prolonging life when applied properly, but improper disposal often leads to negative consequences for end users. India’s industrial sector has a long way to go before it can safely promote its products abroad.

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